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Vaz Anzai

Cyberpunk Horror Author

What Is A Serial Story?

Sequential Installments Of A Much Larger Story

The city of Dust is a massive place with many heroes and villains waiting to have their stories told. This couldn't be accomplished in one book. Each episode is an encapsulated storyline having to do with an overall arc for the season. You can read stories out of order, although you may run into characters who have already had story progression within another episode. Each story is meant to be a short, exciting glimpse into the world of Dust. 

Strange Tales From The City Of Dust

Clockwork Deus

Alice, a "Tinkerer" for the Wonderlust brothel has discovered a Prostibot that has become self-aware. Together, they will uncover the secret behind a shadowy organization in Dust's abandoned zone, The Blooming Fields.

The Darkest Part

Laila, a mysterious Saudi Arabian woman, has escaped an event known as "The Opaque", a consuming void that destroyed her former city. Now in Dust, she must face the darkest part of herself before she unleashes a new cataclysmic incident.

Pinned Butterflies

A new serial killer has surfaced in Dust dubbed "The Sleeper". Several women's bodies have begun to appear in alleyways, their arms crossed and skin cut from their backs to form wings from their shoulders. Who would commit such a horrific act? The answer may surprise you.

Neon Pentagrams

A curse has overtaken the inhabitants of Dust.
Selected at random, people have become bloodthirsty, preying on the innocent. Deep beneath the city, a darkness is preparing it's armies to swarm the streets.
Dust has been warned.
The Nightfallen are here.

Prisoner Of The Night

Necropolis - Ambient Literature

Necropolis is short literature based on the music of both Cryo Chamber and Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse.

Necropolis is hosted on Medium, and may require a Medium account to access each story.
Ambient Literature is meant to be read while listening to Ambient Music. Headphones are suggested for the most immersive experience.

Nightfall Monolith

Based on the song Devourer by Dronny Darko, Nightfall Monolith will take the reader on a journey through the rotting chambers of a crumbling structure standing near the entrance to the Necropolis.

Final Transmission

Based on the song Quiet Days On Earth on Cryo Chamber, this tale continues the reader's evolving path through the Necropolis as you reach a tower of bone with a radio transmitter.

Silent Audience

Based on the song Victory by Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse, Silent Audience takes the reader up a massive hill where the forsaken dead have been left to witness the upward struggle of a path to nowhere.

Of Marrow And Dust

This story based on the music of Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse coming soon!

Candid Taboo

Candid Taboo is a series of articles on Medium with Vaz Anzai where he interviews individuals about their personal lives. From oddities to dark desires, Candid Taboo is sure to intrigue and lift some eyebrows.

Author, Horror Lover, Cyberpunk Enthusiast

Vaz Anzai


I grew up reading horror, consuming books by Dean Koontz and John Saul. Cerebral horror has always been my preferred subgenre. Cyberpunk themes have intrigued me throughout the years, ever since I first saw Blade Runner and The Running Man.

"Strange Tales From The City of Dust" is my cyberpunk look at future Pittsburgh. It involves themes of LGBTQ relationships, medical monstrosities, occultism, mental health, artificial intelligence, and more.

"Strange Tales From The City of Rust" is my necropunk look at future New Orleans. It involves themes of occultism, suicide and depression, paganism, cyber-voodoo, and soul transference.

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